Sunday, June 10, 2012

My first fanfic... big moment.

Well I'm about to start writing my first fanfic and I've thought of a title, I'll realise it with my next post. It's going to be epic.
To start this fanfic I shall share with you the OCs of the characters that shall be in my story. To start with, I present to you... me. Again:

Name: Helena Ember Sky
Nickname: Hel
Age: 13, almost 14
Magic: Mostly Elemental, tiny bit of Necromancy and Adept to enhance her power with weapons.
Gender: Female
Appearance: Chin length hair, curls at ends. Light brown with orange. Taller than the average 13 year old. Keen bright green eyes. Wears buckled gloves. Dark green jacket, grey tight trousers. Always carries a flip knife.
Personality: Prone to hyperactivity, very clever. Giggles a lot, laughs at pain. Literally. It hurts so I laugh. Very "weird" in boring peoples opinion.
From Canberra, loves riding a horse in the night across the dark hills of Australia.
Next, the newest OC, Tal:
o    Name: Tal Emper
Age: 13/14
Icy blue/silver eyes. Short brown hair, tall.

Magic: Elemental (Only a special branch of water), Adept (Iron limbs), Eyes glow when he uses magic/adept power.

Story and stuff:

Parents were killed while he was young, like 4 or something, the police never found the killer, blah blah blah, he was sent to a foster family. One night an assassin broke in and tried to kill him while he was sleeping, he hit him, and broke the assassin's arm, his foster parents didn't believe him and he ran away, walked into the irish tundra, in the cold. Was rescued by a sanctuary agent that was sent to protect him after his parents' death. Turns out his parents were 2 influential third-party sanctuary 'agents' who helped end the war, and the assassin sent after him was to make sure that he didn't continue his parents' legacy. The sorcerer, Cryonus Aurum, trained him to use his adept power (turn parts of his body to metal), and also to use a branch of water magic that he invented to turn the energy in his magical blood into mist, which he mixed with the air he breathed.

fighting stuff: Uses the Elemental magic to create a thick mist, then his adept to hit people in the face. When he uses his magic his eyes glow (already said that), which make two blue/silver lights in the mist. it looks pretty cool and stuff.
Lastly for today... Eve:
Taken name: Astrid Vanilla

Given Name: Eve (very much preferred. She only took a name to protect herself from evil civilianaliciouses. So call her Eve.)

Magic: Adept
She can make everyone see her as their worst fear, like an illusion. When she decides to transform her appearance (just an illusion) one person might see her as a spider, if that's their worst fear, another might see her as a snake, etcetera, etcetera.

Weapons: Her sharp teeth and sharp nails. Like, SHARP.

Personality: Eve never takes things seriously. Not even in life-or-death situations. She never thinks about the possibility of death, and everything she does is for the hell of it. She finds dramatic speeches extremely funny. She doesn't pay attention to conversations that don't involve her, and that seems to annoy some people. Yes, some would say she was slightly 'absent'. She knows this and loves to confuse new acquaintances with her nonsense. She sometimes finds herself in situations where someone is taking her seriously, in which case she will make what she is saying even more ridiculous until that person stops trying to find a shred of maturity in her, although she denies any accusations of her EVER being childish.

Appearance: Light brown hair ending at the shoulders, blue eyes that change to a more green-blue colour with the weather. Reasonably tall. Yeah.

History: *royal trumpet* Eve doesnt say much about her history. Here's what we know: She used to live in a happy family of five and a dog, then she suddenly got shot through a crazy mazy cannon all the way to Kenya. She lived with the lions, lived ON an elephant, then gave up on the whole land thing and hopped on a giant vulture called Mimi. And off to Australia they went! She migrates from place to place now, helping people out on their adventures and shouting at kids who can't spell 'humongous'.
Watch out for her, she's bitey.
Yours in eternity,
Helena Ember Sky


  1. Helena, you forgot to put in the "Or so she says" at the end. I will never forgive you

  2. Don't you want to be bitey? And I've thought of a title.

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