Monday, June 11, 2012

The Emperors Realm ~ Chapter 1, Elevator meetings.

They all stood gathered in the lift. Nixion Strange, Miss Cain, Helena Ember Sky, Eve and Tal, the newby.
Helena started the conversation, “I bet you all are wondering why I have gathered you here today. Oh, I have always wanted to say that...” Helena stopped joking after receiving a death-stare from Nix. She death-stared him back then continued.
“I’d like to introduce you all to Tal. Talpanian Emperor is his full taken name. Please don’t ask him what it means.” Helena pleaded.
“He goes on a bit.” she explained. Tal and Nix raised their eyebrows. Tal was tall with short dark brown hair. He had icy blue and silver eyes that looked around the lift with interest.
“Tal," Helena continued, "these... things standing before me have named themselves Nix, that one, Miss Cain, that one and Eve, look out for her, she’s a bit bitey.”
Helena looked around. Because Eve and Miss Cain were wondering what she was looking at so looked around also.
“Nix, where’s Lynx?” Helena asked. Everyone looked at Nix.
“How would I know?” Nix growled.
“You’re the one that sees her the most often.” Miss Cain said quietly.
Helena waited for anyone to tell her where Lynx was. No one did.
“Well then Tal, I’m sorry you couldn’t meet Lynxia Lost today but she’s great, I’m sure you would have loved her.” Helena said. Tal looked doubtful.
The lift doors opened onto floor 12 and 5 Rippers jumped onto the 5 surprised Australians.

Yours in eternity,
Helena Ember Sky
P.S. Wow, that looks really short, promise the next chapter will be longer. It shall be called: Demon massacre.


  1. Cool. You seem bent on making me the 'bitey one'

  2. You forgot the talking marks at
    “Tal, Helena continued, these... things ...
    There should be talking marks so the Helena continued isn't said out loud
    But really good!

  3. Your are the bitey one Eve, Nix, I'll just change that. Thanks guys!