Friday, June 22, 2012

Vlad's wolves.

How can I express my gratitude to Tal for my being able to use his epic picture on my blog? I can't. Tal/Cam/Vlad made this amazing picture in media. So thank you Tal. For "The Emperor's Realm."

The Emperors Realm~ Chapter 2, Demon massacre

The Rippers dragged the children out kicking and screaming.  It was mostly Miss Cain doing the screaming. Helena, Nix and Tal were all swearing and trying to break free. But these were Rippers, private Cleavers, one of the best fighting forces in the world. The children struggled all they could but couldn’t break free. Suddenly the Rippers stopped dragging. The children, surprised, stopped struggling momentarily. With no one making noise you could just hear Patsy Cline's “Crazy”.

“Sanguine, “Nix growled.

“I really should change my ringtone shouldn’ I? Y’all recognize me so quickly” Billy-Ray Sanguine stepped out of the shadows.

“Where’s Tanith?” Helena screamed. Helena barely new Tanith Low but as soon as she had met her, she had loved her like an old friend.

“My lovely lady? She’s... somewhere. I would tell y’all but that would give it ALL away.” Sanguine laughed. “I’m here on personal business that my soon to be wife doesn’t know about.” He glanced at his phone. “And y’all made me miss a call from her, so she’ll be here soon.” Sanguine looked vaguely troubled.

“Well we better hurry up then.” Eve said. She struggled fiercely but couldn’t manage to get free from the Rippers grip. They all tried struggling again but Helena couldn’t even manage to move her gloved hand. If she had been able to, they would all be free. Helena’s necromancer power is kept in her glove. Something was wrong. Wrong with the Rippers. They were too strong.


“What have you done to them?” Miss Cain asked.

“Them?” Sanguine asked indicating to the Rippers.”Remnants.” He grinned.

“Why?” Tal asked. “For what reason would you want us?”

“I’ve been a searching for you for months. I’ve been looking for the biggest magic supply in the world. I need powerful magic to find my true name. Only three people have that power. Valkyrie, Skulduggery and someone out of you.” Sanguine was getting excited now.  “I have this amazin’ friend that can detect the amount of magic in people's names. He’s great, but, as I said, one of you has an unusual amount of magic. So which one is it?”

“I’m the newest.” Tal said. He just managed to shrug. “What? It’s the most logical explanation.”

“That it is.” Pronounced Sanguine.

He indicated to the Ripper holding Tal. The Ripper let go violently.

“Of course it's me.” Tal said with a look of indignation.

Suddenly a thick mist surrounded everyone in the room. You could only manage to make out a pair of glowing silver eyes.

“Rippers!” Sanguine screeched unusually.

But the Rippers wouldn’t follow the command. They appeared to be weakened. Suddenly the mist cleared and the Rippers heads dropped to the ground.

“Okay then...” Helena said.

“Wow.” Was all Miss Cain and Eve could mutter.

Nix grunted his approval.

Sanguine’s body dropped to the ground unconscious. All the Australians joined hands and disappeared. They reappeared in a forest, with the quiet sounds of a wolf pack closing in on them.

Yours in eternity,


P.S. It’s called Demon Massacre because Remnants are considered demons.

Monday, June 11, 2012

The Emperors Realm ~ Chapter 1, Elevator meetings.

They all stood gathered in the lift. Nixion Strange, Miss Cain, Helena Ember Sky, Eve and Tal, the newby.
Helena started the conversation, “I bet you all are wondering why I have gathered you here today. Oh, I have always wanted to say that...” Helena stopped joking after receiving a death-stare from Nix. She death-stared him back then continued.
“I’d like to introduce you all to Tal. Talpanian Emperor is his full taken name. Please don’t ask him what it means.” Helena pleaded.
“He goes on a bit.” she explained. Tal and Nix raised their eyebrows. Tal was tall with short dark brown hair. He had icy blue and silver eyes that looked around the lift with interest.
“Tal," Helena continued, "these... things standing before me have named themselves Nix, that one, Miss Cain, that one and Eve, look out for her, she’s a bit bitey.”
Helena looked around. Because Eve and Miss Cain were wondering what she was looking at so looked around also.
“Nix, where’s Lynx?” Helena asked. Everyone looked at Nix.
“How would I know?” Nix growled.
“You’re the one that sees her the most often.” Miss Cain said quietly.
Helena waited for anyone to tell her where Lynx was. No one did.
“Well then Tal, I’m sorry you couldn’t meet Lynxia Lost today but she’s great, I’m sure you would have loved her.” Helena said. Tal looked doubtful.
The lift doors opened onto floor 12 and 5 Rippers jumped onto the 5 surprised Australians.

Yours in eternity,
Helena Ember Sky
P.S. Wow, that looks really short, promise the next chapter will be longer. It shall be called: Demon massacre.

First fanfic ~ continued.

I managed to get the last OCs needed, here they are:

Name: Nixion Strange
Age: 14, almost 15
Magic: Adept
Adept Ability/s: Bone Breaking – Tesseract
Gender: Male
Appearance: Nixion is thin, taller than the average 14 year old with brown eyes that carry a dark tormented look in them. He has long brown hair that just reaches his eyes. He wears a protective jacket on special occasions, but most of the time, Nixion just wears black leather jacket, black jeans and a t- shirt. Black boots cover his feet and he carries a machete with him at all times. He also has protective gloves, made of the same material as protective clothing, it means he can punch almost anything, and it won’t hurt.
Personality: Nixion Strange will fight, hate, kill or insult almost anything. He rarely feels anything but hate or anger. In a fight, Nixion can get overly violent and take it too far, sometimes accidentally injuring himself and his allies if in a rage which will occasionally allow him to lose control. He doesn’t like people and people generally don’t like him.
History: At the age of ten, Nixion was kidnapped by a Sorcerer criminal and was forcibly taught the Bone Breaking Adept discipline. This was done with an insane combination of brainwashing and extreme torture upon Nixion which eventually changed something in his mind, thus creating his bad temper and violent tendencies. Finally, at 11, Nixion was abruptly released with no warning whatsoever. For a while, he lost himself to insanity and killed heaps of people (so he is quite often hated by most) To this day Nixion attempts to fight the brainwashing done on him which also explains his over-the-top violence at times. A year after he was released, Nixion Strange was saved by Zathract Mist from a horde of zombies and the two kind of latched on to each other. It isn’t safe to say they are friends at all, but they are allies but also seem to be arguing constantly over almost everything.
Nixion Strange lives in Australia and helps Zathract Mist on cases for the Australian Sanctuary.

Name: Lynxia Lost

Age: looks 14/15, is ???

Magic: Adept, Necromancy and bone breaking

Weapons: bow and arrow, 3 knives strapped to belt with lengths of 9cm, 11cm and 13cm.

Appearance: Waist length almost-black hair. Eyes have white iris's but often wears blue contacts in mortal world so as not to freak them out. Wears a stripy black and white top with black skinnys and deck shoes normally but if on a job wears black short sleeved polar neck made of unknown thin material (makes it light :) ) with white skinnys, bear foot.

History: Is the daughter of Tallulah Vengeance, a psycho who killed loads of people before being locked up. Unknown dad. When she was 6 she ran away to Necromancer Temple to train. However, when she was 10 she hit the High Priest because he degraded her in front of others. She then became apprenticed to Tesseract. Now that Tesseract is dead she has taken over his job and recovered his files and took on any awaiting work.

True Name Form: Lynxia's True Name form is Elaisse who is a heartless bitch who's only purpose is to make Lynxia's life Hell. Whenever Lynxia is thinking something you can bet that Elaisse is there doubting her and saying that if it fails then her friends will die. Naturally, Lynxia hates her. If Lynxia needs help then Elaisse is happy (well, as happy as you can be when you rejoice in killing your host's friends) to help but always tries to kill a friend in the process. More than anyone, she hates Zath as his True Name form is Nagier, the only person to ever fight against her and win - needless to say she loathes him and always wants to kill him. If ever Lynxia is about to be killed then she appears and kicks some ass until Lynxia claws back to the surface, also if Lynxia gets too angry to control Elaisse then she surfaces. However, some emotions do reach Elaisse so she has a slight crush on Nix and thinks of Robin and Sparky as sisters but she would never admit that killing them might cause her some pain. So, yeah, she lives to be powerful and thinks the only way to break Lynxia, making her the one in control, is to kill everybody she cares about.
Lynxia's reaction to all this? She goes bipolar.She feels that Elaisse being a very bad person is her fault and if Elaisse does anything bad she is to blame. She absolutely hates Elaisse and only lets her out if she has no other choice or if it is to save her friends. If she could she would kill Elaisse but she can't (Duh!) because they share the same body and such. Before she had the name sealed, she felt like she was lying to her friends and now she hates herself for it. She also feels like Elaisse has 'corrupted' her and that Elaisse is a weight that she has to carry all her life and nothing anyone can say will make her see that her and Elaisse are different people - she sees it as Elaisse is her but without friends. Sometimes, she wishes she was not magic and had had a normal life but she also loves all of the thrills that go with this life. She's a bit of a psycho, well, maybe more than a bit. She swings from extreme to extreme really. One minute she'll be laughing because she's just killed someone and evaded the police and the next minute she'll want to throw herself off a cliff. All of the bipolar-ness started once Elaisse had emerged for the first time.

Taken name: Miss Cain
Nickname: Missy
Age: 11
Magic: Necromancy, sometimes uses weapons.
Gender: Female
Appearence: Shoulder length hair, a golden colour but impossible to tell. Really tall for her age. A mix of green and blue eyes. Wears a neacklace with a skeleton head as the pendant. Wears a blood red jacket, black pants, black boots and a black top.
Personality: Miss Cain can be serious one minute then giggling randomly the next. She is quite out there and likes to take alot of risks. She is quite new to the world of magic, but is a fast learner and rarely forgets anything. Unless she cant be bothered remembering. Her history is alright. Normal family, normal life until she witnessed a murder. After that nothing was the same for her. From Perth, Western Australia. She enjoys pissing her sisters off. Her mouth can sometimes get her into trouble.
So the title dun dun dun dun is... The Emperors Realm.

It will be up very soon!

Yours in eternity,
Helena Ember Sky

Sunday, June 10, 2012

My first fanfic... big moment.

Well I'm about to start writing my first fanfic and I've thought of a title, I'll realise it with my next post. It's going to be epic.
To start this fanfic I shall share with you the OCs of the characters that shall be in my story. To start with, I present to you... me. Again:

Name: Helena Ember Sky
Nickname: Hel
Age: 13, almost 14
Magic: Mostly Elemental, tiny bit of Necromancy and Adept to enhance her power with weapons.
Gender: Female
Appearance: Chin length hair, curls at ends. Light brown with orange. Taller than the average 13 year old. Keen bright green eyes. Wears buckled gloves. Dark green jacket, grey tight trousers. Always carries a flip knife.
Personality: Prone to hyperactivity, very clever. Giggles a lot, laughs at pain. Literally. It hurts so I laugh. Very "weird" in boring peoples opinion.
From Canberra, loves riding a horse in the night across the dark hills of Australia.
Next, the newest OC, Tal:
o    Name: Tal Emper
Age: 13/14
Icy blue/silver eyes. Short brown hair, tall.

Magic: Elemental (Only a special branch of water), Adept (Iron limbs), Eyes glow when he uses magic/adept power.

Story and stuff:

Parents were killed while he was young, like 4 or something, the police never found the killer, blah blah blah, he was sent to a foster family. One night an assassin broke in and tried to kill him while he was sleeping, he hit him, and broke the assassin's arm, his foster parents didn't believe him and he ran away, walked into the irish tundra, in the cold. Was rescued by a sanctuary agent that was sent to protect him after his parents' death. Turns out his parents were 2 influential third-party sanctuary 'agents' who helped end the war, and the assassin sent after him was to make sure that he didn't continue his parents' legacy. The sorcerer, Cryonus Aurum, trained him to use his adept power (turn parts of his body to metal), and also to use a branch of water magic that he invented to turn the energy in his magical blood into mist, which he mixed with the air he breathed.

fighting stuff: Uses the Elemental magic to create a thick mist, then his adept to hit people in the face. When he uses his magic his eyes glow (already said that), which make two blue/silver lights in the mist. it looks pretty cool and stuff.
Lastly for today... Eve:
Taken name: Astrid Vanilla

Given Name: Eve (very much preferred. She only took a name to protect herself from evil civilianaliciouses. So call her Eve.)

Magic: Adept
She can make everyone see her as their worst fear, like an illusion. When she decides to transform her appearance (just an illusion) one person might see her as a spider, if that's their worst fear, another might see her as a snake, etcetera, etcetera.

Weapons: Her sharp teeth and sharp nails. Like, SHARP.

Personality: Eve never takes things seriously. Not even in life-or-death situations. She never thinks about the possibility of death, and everything she does is for the hell of it. She finds dramatic speeches extremely funny. She doesn't pay attention to conversations that don't involve her, and that seems to annoy some people. Yes, some would say she was slightly 'absent'. She knows this and loves to confuse new acquaintances with her nonsense. She sometimes finds herself in situations where someone is taking her seriously, in which case she will make what she is saying even more ridiculous until that person stops trying to find a shred of maturity in her, although she denies any accusations of her EVER being childish.

Appearance: Light brown hair ending at the shoulders, blue eyes that change to a more green-blue colour with the weather. Reasonably tall. Yeah.

History: *royal trumpet* Eve doesnt say much about her history. Here's what we know: She used to live in a happy family of five and a dog, then she suddenly got shot through a crazy mazy cannon all the way to Kenya. She lived with the lions, lived ON an elephant, then gave up on the whole land thing and hopped on a giant vulture called Mimi. And off to Australia they went! She migrates from place to place now, helping people out on their adventures and shouting at kids who can't spell 'humongous'.
Watch out for her, she's bitey.
Yours in eternity,
Helena Ember Sky