Friday, June 22, 2012

The Emperors Realm~ Chapter 2, Demon massacre

The Rippers dragged the children out kicking and screaming.  It was mostly Miss Cain doing the screaming. Helena, Nix and Tal were all swearing and trying to break free. But these were Rippers, private Cleavers, one of the best fighting forces in the world. The children struggled all they could but couldn’t break free. Suddenly the Rippers stopped dragging. The children, surprised, stopped struggling momentarily. With no one making noise you could just hear Patsy Cline's “Crazy”.

“Sanguine, “Nix growled.

“I really should change my ringtone shouldn’ I? Y’all recognize me so quickly” Billy-Ray Sanguine stepped out of the shadows.

“Where’s Tanith?” Helena screamed. Helena barely new Tanith Low but as soon as she had met her, she had loved her like an old friend.

“My lovely lady? She’s... somewhere. I would tell y’all but that would give it ALL away.” Sanguine laughed. “I’m here on personal business that my soon to be wife doesn’t know about.” He glanced at his phone. “And y’all made me miss a call from her, so she’ll be here soon.” Sanguine looked vaguely troubled.

“Well we better hurry up then.” Eve said. She struggled fiercely but couldn’t manage to get free from the Rippers grip. They all tried struggling again but Helena couldn’t even manage to move her gloved hand. If she had been able to, they would all be free. Helena’s necromancer power is kept in her glove. Something was wrong. Wrong with the Rippers. They were too strong.


“What have you done to them?” Miss Cain asked.

“Them?” Sanguine asked indicating to the Rippers.”Remnants.” He grinned.

“Why?” Tal asked. “For what reason would you want us?”

“I’ve been a searching for you for months. I’ve been looking for the biggest magic supply in the world. I need powerful magic to find my true name. Only three people have that power. Valkyrie, Skulduggery and someone out of you.” Sanguine was getting excited now.  “I have this amazin’ friend that can detect the amount of magic in people's names. He’s great, but, as I said, one of you has an unusual amount of magic. So which one is it?”

“I’m the newest.” Tal said. He just managed to shrug. “What? It’s the most logical explanation.”

“That it is.” Pronounced Sanguine.

He indicated to the Ripper holding Tal. The Ripper let go violently.

“Of course it's me.” Tal said with a look of indignation.

Suddenly a thick mist surrounded everyone in the room. You could only manage to make out a pair of glowing silver eyes.

“Rippers!” Sanguine screeched unusually.

But the Rippers wouldn’t follow the command. They appeared to be weakened. Suddenly the mist cleared and the Rippers heads dropped to the ground.

“Okay then...” Helena said.

“Wow.” Was all Miss Cain and Eve could mutter.

Nix grunted his approval.

Sanguine’s body dropped to the ground unconscious. All the Australians joined hands and disappeared. They reappeared in a forest, with the quiet sounds of a wolf pack closing in on them.

Yours in eternity,


P.S. It’s called Demon Massacre because Remnants are considered demons.


  1. epic!
    but i scream and i swear alot
    and i mean ALOT

    just keep that in mind but i like to scream as well
    very good!!!

    next chapter please

  2. hey helena!
    i love love this. good job.
    check out my blog, kay?
    ~ zoé

    1. I can't check out your blog at the moment because of stupid internet child lock but as soon as my mother gets home, I'm reading it! Thanks Lotus.

    2. Lotus, can you work out who Tal is from his OC? It's in an older post. I wanted him to comment but he says he doesn't have time... nanana.

    3. Lotus! Why aren't you following my blog anymore?

    4. helena,
      duh, i know who tal is, i knew it straight away ^.^
      oh my god, i'm so sorry i'm not following :( don't know what happened there. i'm following now :) even though i'm not crazily in love with skulduggery pleasant like you and your cyber friends are, i think it would be super fun to do and OC :) kay, have a nice weekend xo

  3. Instead of having people with scythes running around a building, why couldn't Sanguine just have hijacked the lift?

    1. Because Sanguine isn't smart enough for that and also he couldn't come up through the floor of the lift because underneath the floor was just the tunnel.

    2. Not tunnelling, just using the lift controls to stop it halfway up then sending the rippers in through the hatch on the top of the lift... but then again, he is a southerner.

    3. That he is. And he likes to make an entrance.

  4. Hmm... True names? Silver eyes? I have a hunch where this is going but I'm probably wrong.

    1. My hunches are always wrong, that's what.

    2. Please tell me! Maybe then, I can make it right.

    3. It's your story, my hunches are just what I think will happen.

    4. True, but I need to know! Please.

    5. Nooo... you don't need to know, anyway - it's stupid.